Sales Management Training

Managing your team to maximise sales through working together

Sales Myth No 6 - "If you give sales people targets and then leave them alone they will perform much better"

Managing the sales effort is often a challenge, due to the remoteness of some individuals and the impact external influences can have on the sales effort.

To ensure this critical aspect of any business functions effectively, there are a number of processes and techniques that can be applied to the sales team. These will include reviewing management styles to develop a supportive and coaching role, how to instil a participative environment, sharing information in a positive way in order to maximise opportunities, how to use emotional intelligence to enhance the sales effort and using performance management to maximise effect.

Learning Outcomes

How to set targets and objectives both for individuals and the team be able to apply a range of motivational techniques in order to raise the performance of individuals. Employ a mixture of coaching techniques to accelerate an individual's performance to an acceptable level. Appraise a range of management styles, define the most appropriate one and be able to apply it. Be able to give constructive feedback to individuals and draw up development plans leading to improved performance. Know how to handle continued poor performance in an assertive manner, to ensure a positive outcome whilst conforming to legal requirements.

Who should attend this?

  • Newly appointed sales managers
  • Sales managers who have never experienced any formal training
  • Anyone who has responsibility for managing a sales team
  • Owner/managers who have a sales function in their business


2 days