Empathy Selling Training

Empathy selling - selling styles to win over the prospect

Sales Myth No 4 - "My selling style works, so I use it with every customer whether THEY like it or not"

How often when we've failed to convince a prospect to buy into our proposition or lost as order we've been chasing for some time, do we put the blame for the loss, either on the competition being more competitive or the customers inability to make the right buying decision? 

Do we ever look at ourselves and ask the question "Did my approach and selling style have an impact on their decision?" Understanding and being able to assess the preferred style of buyers and prospects and knowing how to adapt our style in respect of behaviour, presentation, and business benefits, can have a significant impact in the decision making process and to winning the business.

Learning Outcomes

Be able to assess their own selling style and the impact that it can have on other people. How to assess the style of the buyer and the impact their selling style hand on them. Ways to adapt their style to meet the needs of the other person so a rapport is established. How to adapt their: presentation, sales proposition and benefits, to appeal to each individual's buying style.

Who should attend this?

  • Anyone who is consistently failing to close sales
  • Anyone needing to change or adapt his or her selling style
  • Sales staff involved in face-to-face selling
  • Experienced sales people who are looking for the latest sales techniques

Duration: 1 day/2 days

Can be extended to include role rehearsals using videoed playback with feedback and constructive critique.