Consultative Selling Training

Consultative selling techniques to win new business

Sales Myth No 2 - "If people know enough about the product or service they will buy from you"

Sales people often assume that providing they tell the customer or prospect enough about their product or service they will buy - but will they? Experience tells us this is not always the case.

This dynamic one-day programme expels this myth.  We train sales people to adopt a more dynamic and consultative style to the sale, use effective questioning, manage those questions, and identify the opportunities emerging from them, so they will increase the likelihood of closing the sale.

Learning Outcomes

Work through a structure by which sales team members can conduct face-to-face sales meeting in a professional and controlled way. Apply consultative selling techniques to win the commitment to buy their product or service.  Demonstrate the ability to present their product or service in a persuasive and creative manner, know when and how to use trial closes to assess the status of the sale, handle any objections and close decisively.

Who should attend this?

  • Any sales person involved in face-to-face selling
  • Newly appointed sales staff as part of their induction programme
  • Experienced sales people who are looking for the latest sales techniques
  • Anyone moving from a technical role into a selling role

Duration: 1 day/2 days

Can be extended to include role rehearsals using videoed playback with feedback and constructive critique.