Negotiating Techniques Training

Creating negotiation techniques to achieve win-win results

Sales Myth No 1 - "I'm a born sales person - I don't need to plan"

Negotiating profitable outcomes will have a major impact on a business's performance either in respect of winning outstanding proposals, beating the competition or not giving everything away just to win the business.

The techniques used in this workshop will give the delegates the skills and confidence to conduct selling negotiations that will achieve the most acceptable outcome for both the negotiator and, most importantly, the business.

Learning Outcomes

Developing a systematic approach in preparing for negotiation to increase the likelihood of a win-win outcome. Having and being able to apply persuasive behaviours during the negotiation process. Identifying and valuing concessions, and have a strategy to use them tactically and strategically to improve the outcome of the negotiation. Putting the learning into practice by working through the phases of the negotiation process from opening to win-win conclusion.

Who should attend this?

  • Account managers who negotiate when closing proposals
  • Sales staff that make concessions when closing sales
  • Anyone who negotiates on behalf of the business
  • Anyone who needs to improve the outcomes of negotiations

Duration: 1 day/2 days

Can be extended to include role rehearsals using videoed playback with feedback and constructive critique.